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Here I am, trying to create my own world with my Visual Art.

Water-Colour, Oil, Pastels, Tempera, Mixed Media...... you name it, I just do. From Canvas Paintings, Paper, Print Art and Sculptures in Clay, Plasta and  Cement Casting,  Its my fun.

Book Illustrations, from Drawing to Graphic layout Designing. Children's Books, Educational and Story Books.

AnimaTion!!!  2D Animation, Stop Motion to Claymation. Softwares mostly are Toon Boon, Moho, CTP, and for compositing its After Effects and more.

Crazy isn't It?

Africa to the next Level?

Always you are wellcome here to see more stuff from me and Young African Contempolary Art. down you may view a piece of my Animation "TOTO'S JOURNEY". Keep on Browsing.....

WhaT i LikE

Its always fun for me to work with lots and lots of bright colours. But sometimes in some media I try to use only few colours to give its rich expression.

I draw a lot from live Models.... haha, Its nice, when someone is posing for U and when He/She think that you re drawing her/him, but actualy its not... just drawing figure, form, light and shades, with little sense of colours.....


Godfrey Semwaiko, P.O.Box 2141,


Tel: +255 741 244288, +44 7908 115526

e-mail: gssemwaiko@yahoo.com

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When we want to reach our Ancestors, we do what we do...

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